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  1. Job Posting – Executive Director

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    About A+ Schools:

    Since 2004, A+ has served as an independent community force advancing the highest educational achievement for every student in Pittsburgh Public Schools.   It is the leading advocate for equity and excellence in public education and is the champion of educational equity at its core.  A+ Schools also focuses on targeting efforts to remove any barriers to equity in city schools.

    A+ Schools envisions a public education system in Pittsburgh where overall student achievement continues to rise and where race is not a factor in determining which students are in the highest and lowest achievement categories.  A+ Schools strategizes to achieve this by:

    1. Monitoring Pittsburgh’s public schools to ensure a high-quality education for all students, especially students of color.

    2. Involving the community in its quest to be a catalyst of change.

    3. Collecting and sharing critical data and serving as a resource for facts, best practices, and research, to determine if Pittsburgh students are getting what they need to succeed in school and beyond.

    4. Informing the parents and community members on educational findings, and helping determine priorities.

    5. Inspiring community action to improve Pittsburgh Public School’s achievement and graduation rates through influential policy that creates positive change resulting in increased opportunities and resources.

    6. Recognizing the importance and value of being a strong and committed advocate for the diverse population of the Pittsburgh Public School district.

    Position Overview:

    The Executive Director is responsible for overall leadership and management of A+ Schools.  (S)He leads the Board and staff through strategic planning processes reflecting the principles of educational system improvement that A+ advances.  The individual manages the resources of the organization effectively to support improved student achievement in the Pittsburgh Public Schools and ensures that the necessary financial and material resources are available.  (S)He builds community-wide consensus through partnerships and other cooperative activities and ventures.  The Executive Director provides information to the board, staff, community and school district about best practices and emerging trends in public education improvement.

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Establishes, cultivates and maintains effective and productive working relationships with civic organizations, governmental bodies, education support agencies and community-based organizations in the region in order to build support for the activities of A+ Schools.
    • Manages the resources of the organization effectively to support improved student achievement in the Pittsburgh Public Schools.
    • Conducts the day-to-day business of A+ Schools in a way that reflects the principles of system improvement that A+ advocates.
    • Serves as the “Chief Fundraising Officer” by identifying, seeking and obtaining funding sources; then ensures that the necessary resources are available to support the objectives of A+ Schools in the implementation of specific school improvement strategies.
    • Ensures that there is a quality staff to support the work of the organization.
    • Builds consensus through partnerships with key stakeholders and other cooperative activities and ventures while maintaining the priorities of the organization.
    • Provides information to the board, staff, community and school district about best practices and emerging trends in public education improvement.
    • Collaborates with the Board to develop, refine and implement A+ Schools’ strategies, policies, programs and projects.
    • Provides staff support to the Board of Directors, Executive Committee and other standing ad-hoc committees of A+ Schools.
    • Functions as a fearless and tireless communicator about A+ School’s mission, goals and operational plans.


    • Collaborative style and cooperative approach to problem-solving.
    • High degree of initiative and imaginative approach to work.
    • Good interpersonal skills and the ability to work with people of diverse backgrounds and interests.
    • Successful track record in fundraising and proposal writing.
    • Ability to implement plans and programs devised by others as well as the ability to develop and recommend activities and strategies.
    • Organized, self-motivating, creative and supportive.
    • Strives to learn and develop new skills while maintaining a high level of efficiency in existing skills.
    • Ability to organize resources and tasks to achieve specific outcomes.
    • Willingness to share credit and acknowledge the contributions of others; a team player.
    • Enthusiasm, innovation, optimism, persistence, patience and pragmatism
    • Significant experience in urban public education system, human services and/or public policy.
    • Experience in developing and implementing policies, procedures and practices in a non-profit setting.
    • Significant experience in supervising staff, managing budgets, and developing and implementing programs and projects.
    • Undergraduate degree in education, social work, public administration, public policy or business or equivalent work
    • Preferably an advanced degree.


    This position offers a highly competitive compensation package including a complement of health and retirement benefits.

    How to Apply:

    A+ Schools has retained the executive search firm, Executive Table, for this important search. Interested candidates may confidentially submit their resume, cover letter, and salary requirements to  Please include “Executive Director – A+ Schools” in the subject line of your submission.

    APPLICATIONS ARE DUE BY 5 p.m. on Wednesday, July 27, 2016.