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Tag Archive: Campaign for Fair Education Funding

  1. State Budget Community Brief

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    Download “A Community Briefing on Fair Funding and Smart Spending: Part 1 – Pennsylvania State Funding for Education” (PDF)

    What’s in this brief?

    Learn more about how Pennsylvania is not currently being fair to local communities in providing sufficient resources for students to reach college and career ready standards.

    What’s the cause?

    • Pennsylvania has one of the greatest disparities in spending between rich and poor districts and is one of only three states in the nation not to use a formula to fund its schools.
    • Pennsylvania needs a fair funding formula that enables all students to succeed and provides more resources to districts that need it.

    What can you do?

    Join us June 23, 2015 to rally for a fair funding formula in Harrisburg.

    Click here to sign up and to take other actions to support the Campaign for Fair Education Funding.

  2. We Need Your Help for Fair Funding

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    Every Pennsylvania student deserves a quality education no matter where that student lives. But Pennsylvania’s public school funding system is failing our children:

    • It does not provide enough resources to educate all students to academic standards.
    • It contributes to deficiencies in equal opportunity based on factors like income and race.
    • It is so unpredictable that school districts cannot effectively budget or plan.

    That’s why A+ Schools has joined the Campaign for Fair Education Funding – an unprecedented coalition of more than 50 organizations from across Pennsylvania – to ensure that Pennsylvania adopts and maintains an adequate and equitable system of funding our schools by 2016.

    We need you to join, too.

    The campaign’s proposed formula could enable every child to meet state academic standards, be prepared for post-secondary success, and become productive, knowledgeable, and engaged adults.

    Visit to learn more about why we need a fair funding system.

    Take Action!

    Sign our petition and let us know if you’ll be getting on the bus with us on June 23 to rally in Harrisburg.

    Follow the campaign on Twitter and Facebook.