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  1. Your Art, Our Schools

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    Arts Competition Final Logo only

    2017 Report to the Community Cover Art Competition

    Deadline EXTENDED! February 3, 2017

    Student artwork has been on the front and back covers of our annual Report to the Community on Public School Progress since 2010. This publication is distributed to over 60,000 households and can be found at libraries, schools and local elected officials offices across Pittsburgh and on the A+ Schools website.

    Guidelines for Your Art, Our Schools Cover Art Competition

    Students from Pittsburgh’s public and public charter schools are invited to submit an original work of art to be considered for the front or back cover of our 2017 Report. Eligible work would consist of a full color drawing, painting, color pastel or original print touching on the themes of schools, education, neighborhoods, or student lives. Works do not need to be new for the competition. Previously created work is encouraged.

    Students should feel free to submit works of art previously created that they believe would work on the cover of our report. Please read the attached guidelines for more information.

    A jury of local artists, curators and community leaders will judge the submissions and pick ten (10) finalists from students grades PreK-12.

    • All finalists will receive $25 and will be invited to a public event in April during which guests will vote for winning entries.
    • The student with the winning submission will receive $100 gift card and their work will be on the cover of the 2017 Report to the Community on Public School Progress.


    Complete the form below or print out the guidelines to mail in your submission. You can also share your submission on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #yourartourschools. We look forward to seeing your creative talent on display.

  2. Status of Undocumented Parent Volunteers

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    Yesterday, you may have read an article titled: Undocumented Parents Face Unequal Opportunities at Pennsylvania Schools.

    While the article correctly points out some of the limitations facing undocumented parents in Pittsburgh Public Schools who may not volunteer in certain settings without their clearances, there are a couple of factual errors that we thought we should clear up.

    First, there are many ways parents without clearances, including undocumented parents, are able to participate in their child’s school.  In the 12th paragraph Ms. Bernstein states that undocumented parents are unable to attend PTO meetings, this just isn’t true.  All parents are able to attend meetings and participate in schoolwide events where there are other adult staff present.

    The second thing that needs to be corrected is the statement that the Latino Parents United in Action group only meets at the current location of the Latino Family Center.  The group’s first meeting was actually held at Beechwood Elementary.  The group was then hosted at the Latino Family Center, which was located on the Southside at that time.  It was only until recently that the group met at the new location of the Latino Family Center.  The group has also met at three other sites since it’s inception. The meeting place is important, because there is an implication that there isn’t effort being made to accommodate parents from other communities. The additional implication that Latino parents are not welcome at schools, like Beechwood, just isn’t true.

    Now does the District have work to do to provide better resources for parents in their native languages? Yes! Here’s a link to a video from parents in their own words about what they’ve experienced and what improvements they’d like to see.



  3. Congratulations to the Nominees

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    Congratulations to the nominees for school board in Districts 2, 4, 6, and 8. You can learn more about their positions on critical issues facing our schools here.

    Between now and the November General Election, we encourage you to get to know the nominees and engage them in dialogue about their vision for the future of our District.

    Election News

    Holley, Wrenn, Kaleida earn nomination in Pittsburgh Public Schools Board

    Governor decries low voter turnout for primary election

    Blacks seeking state and county judicial offices fare badly; Burgess prevails in City Council District 9

  4. We Need Your Help for Fair Funding

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    Every Pennsylvania student deserves a quality education no matter where that student lives. But Pennsylvania’s public school funding system is failing our children:

    • It does not provide enough resources to educate all students to academic standards.
    • It contributes to deficiencies in equal opportunity based on factors like income and race.
    • It is so unpredictable that school districts cannot effectively budget or plan.

    That’s why A+ Schools has joined the Campaign for Fair Education Funding – an unprecedented coalition of more than 50 organizations from across Pennsylvania – to ensure that Pennsylvania adopts and maintains an adequate and equitable system of funding our schools by 2016.

    We need you to join, too.

    The campaign’s proposed formula could enable every child to meet state academic standards, be prepared for post-secondary success, and become productive, knowledgeable, and engaged adults.

    Visit to learn more about why we need a fair funding system.

    Take Action!

    Sign our petition and let us know if you’ll be getting on the bus with us on June 23 to rally in Harrisburg.

    Follow the campaign on Twitter and Facebook.