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Teachers Get a Preview of New Evaluation

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As reported in this morning’s Post-Gazette, teachers in Pittsburgh Public Schools are receiving for the first time an evaluation report that uses multiple lenses (not just observation) to tell them where they would fall under the new evaluation regime that was enacted last year at the state level as Act 82.  As the article notes, Pittsburgh is the “only district in the state to give its teachers an advanced look without any stakes attached.” We hope over the next year the PFT and PPS will take the time to talk to each other and teachers, principals and other staff to fine-tune and improve the system. We will be issuing a report next week that will provide some guidance as to how the system can improve, and provides tools for families to ask better questions of their students, teachers and principals that are focused on making sure teachers are getting the quality feedback and support they need.

We know that of all the things school districts provide, a great teacher is the one that can have the most impact on a student’s academic success. Our hope is that Pittsburgh’s teacher improvement system does just that: provides our educators with the support and feedback they need to become more effective at helping students learn in every classroom.