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Teacher’s Contract Negotiations – Update

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As you may have read in the news, after a year and a half of negotiating, the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers (PFT) and Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) are at an impasse in their talks about new contracts for teachers, paraprofessionals, and technical-clerical workers. On Monday, the PFT sent out ballots to their members that asked for their authorization to strike.  A+ Schools will continue to update this page on information for families about where they can get care for their children in the event of a strike, what is happening with the strike, and where the negotiations stand. Please do come back to learn more.

Accessing care for your child

We are currently working in concert with other organizations to develop a plan that will address the needs of students and families to provide children a safe, enriching place to go in the event of a strike.

Sign up here if you’ll need care, and we’ll get back to you in the event of a strike.

What’s at issue?

The main disagreements in the current contract are listed in the Independent Fact-Finder’s Report below. You can also read public statements from the PFT and PPS about the areas of disagreement.

Independent Fact-Finder’s Report.

PPS Board position on Independent Fact-Finder’s Report.

PFT position on the Independent Fact-Finder’s Report.

PFT statement on the vote authorizing a strike.

What’s missing?

While the hour is late, we would hope both sides would consider proposals that will attract teachers to the District’s historically underserved schools. There needs to be great thought, collaboration, and imagination to figure out ways to support teachers to be successful in schools with multiple challenges.

In 2014, A+ Schools and the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh commissioned a study by the National Council on Teacher Quality to create a Teacher Quality Roadmap. One of the key recommendations was to create a new job description and additional compensation for teachers in high-minority, high low-income schools. With teacher turnover and resignations much higher in these schools, PPS and PFT need to work together to create stable schools that work for students and teachers alike.