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Teacher Evaluation System Approved

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From July 29, 2014…

Today we learned that the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) gave Pittsburgh multi-year approval for its groundbreaking teacher evaluation system. This is a great day for Pittsburgh’s children. We know that if our students are going to succeed, they need great schools staffed with great teachers. 
After a year of uncertainty, we as a community can now move forward knowing that the system that was developed by and for Pittsburgh’s teachers will be used to help improve teaching in all of our schools.  
Teaching is the most important job in the City of Pittsburgh. It’s critical that we have the systems in place to provide teachers reliable and accurate feedback for improvement and celebrate their contributions to children’s success.
This day couldn’t have happened without us. We, the parents, students, and community leaders of Pittsburgh stood together to make change, and because of us, we are poised to see improvements that will benefit all of Pittsburgh’s students.
This is just one piece of an overall reform effort, but it’s the critical piece (learn more).
We know a distinguished teacher can get a student to learn nearly twice as much in a single year as compared to a failing teacher. If we are going to close gaps in student achievement, supporting all teachers to become great is essential.
This truly was a community-wide effort that led to change. We can’t thank you, our supporters, enough for the calls you made, testimony you gave, and support you’ve provided throughout this effort. 
Please share this message with your friends and encourage them to join A+ Schools’ email list. With your help, we will continue to improve our district so that it lives up to the promise of all of Pittsburgh’s children.
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