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School Board: Support the Revised Parent and Family Engagement Policy

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Let the Board know you want them to pass the revised Parent and Family Engagement Policy. Email the Board:

Here’s our Top 5 Reasons for the Board to Vote Yes!

Dear School Board Directors:

On Wednesday, you will be voting on an update to the district’s Parent and Family Engagement Policy. This policy was updated through the hard work of many parents and staff members and it serves to state the importance of establishing connections between schools and families and provide specific guidance to schools and families. There’s much to do to implement the policy effectively and we want you to lead the way. Parent engagement in schools is a priority of A+ Schools’ and the basis of our Parent Nation program.
Here are the top 5 reasons to VOTE YES to the updated Policy 1012 – the Parent and Family Engagement Policy (click here to read the revised policy):

  1. Support parent and family involvement. The policy invites parents, family members and the community to be a part of their schools. It specifically outlines ways that they can be stronger partners with schools by being members of the school’s Parent School Community Council, district steering committees, school improvement planning committees and others. 
  2. Lead by example as a school board director. Schools can’t do all the work of educating children alone- the parent and family engagement policy outlines specific information that should be shared with families and makes strong statements about the value that families bring to schools. If you want schools to value families, you should lead in that direction. 
  3. Support processes that are inclusive of parent voices. A subcommittee of over 20 parents, many of which are Parent Nation members, worked with the district through the Excellence for All Steering Committee to update the policy and several hundred parents have had a chance to provide their input in person and online. 
  4. Ensure accountability and transparency. The policy includes a specific process for how parents may file complaints and resolve problems if they are having trouble at their schools. The policy also provides clarity on what information should be posted publically, provisions for parents who are English Language learners and the role and function of the school’s PSCC. 
  5. You want the best for Pittsburgh Public School students. Research supports the positive effects of parental and family involvement in schools. Parents and community members want the best for their children too and this policy provides a guide for people who want to do more to address the health, safety and well being of students, as well as their academic learning. This policy also indicates that school staff will be better supported in learning strategies for engaging with parents of all types. 

Bonus reason: It’s federal law. Updating the parent and family engagement policy annually is required by No Child Left Behind and much of what the local policy requires schools to do is a matter of compliance with federal laws.


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