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School Board must start search process over

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We have joined with the Black Political Empowerment Project, the Hill District Education Council, the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh, and the Western Pennsylvania Black Political Assembly to call on the board to start a new search for superintendent (read our joint statement below).

If you agree with us that School Board should take immediate action to restart the search process, using a reputable search firm with experience hiring an urban superintendent and a screening committee of community members, here are 3 things you can do to have your voice heard.

1. Join us at 5:30 pm on Monday, June 20, 2016 at the Board Offices at 341 S. Bellefield Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15213 for a public rally demanding a new search.

2. Testify at the public hearing on Monday starting at 6 pm (must call 412 529-3868 to sign up before noon on Monday the 20th).

3. Call/email your board member and express your concerns and urge them to re-open the search at 412-529-3770 or

This is how democracy works. Our elected officials need to hear from us. Stand with us and let your voice be heard.

Joint Statement: School Board must start search process over

Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh, Hill District Education Council,
Black Political Empowerment Project, A+ Schools and Western PA Black Political Assembly call for a new search for Superintendent

Today we are calling on the Pittsburgh Board of Education to start a new search for superintendent of our public schools. No additional amount of investigation will undo the damage already done. More time spent deliberating only further tarnishes the reputations of both Dr. Hamlet and the Pittsburgh Public Schools.  The School Board must act now.

We need a superintendent with a clear and flawless background, with a huge commitment to kids, and a solid record of accomplishment.  Unfortunately, given the seriousness of the questions already raised, any initiative Dr. Hamlet would put forward or his evaluation of such initiatives, as superintendent would be met with suspicion and doubt from administrators, principals, teachers, students, parents, and community.

We are demanding that the School Board restart the search immediately, under conditions recommended by various community stakeholders to the School Board in October 2015.

We are calling on the Board to:

  1. Issue a request for proposals for executive search organizations with successful track records of placing urban superintendents (including supporting the board in vetting the final candidates);
  2. Upon selection of a reputable firm, use a community committee to screen applicants and build consensus for selecting the District’s next leader – a decision that ultimately rests with the elected school board.

We are profoundly disappointed that the School Board has failed to take action to remedy this situation. We have waited more than 16 days since the initial discoveries of inconsistencies in Dr. Hamlet’s resume surfaced for the board to act. We can no longer wait. The hiring of the superintendent is the most important job that the School Board has. Our community needs a visionary leader whose credentials are unimpeachable. The School Board must restart the search to find such a candidate.


Esther L.  Bush                                                                              Tim Stevens
President & CEO                                                                           Chairman & CEO
Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh                                        Black Political Empowerment Project


Sala Udin                                                                                        Carey A. Harris
Co-Chair                                                                                          Executive Director
Hill District Education Council                                                   A+ Schools

Rick Adams
W. PA. Black Political Assembly
Former, Pgh. School Bd. Member

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