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Issue Brief: Expanding Access to the Gifted Program in PPS

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Recently, A+ Schools released a new issue brief that examined the identification processes used by Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) and nearby school districts that may encourage or hinder greater equity in gifted and talented program selection.

The brief, “Keys to Expand Access to the Gifted Program in the Pittsburgh Public School District,” looks at the demographic profile of the district compared to those students identified as gifted. It highlights steps that other school districts have taken to be more inclusive in their identification and selection of students into their gifted programs as well as ways to expand enhanced learning opportunities to all students.

Click here to read the full brief.

Additionally, parents, students, and concerned community members have spoken out about the disparities in the district’s gifted and talented program.

Below is a link to read the testimonies of stakeholders who addressed the PPS board of directors at its public hearing on July 23, 2018.

Click here to read the full testimonies.

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