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As you can see from the slideshow above, we were busy this year. Parent groups held events and brought parents into schools that weren’t traditionally involved to support school staffs. Students rallied for a Student Bill of Rights. We celebrated 10 years of fighting for equity and excellence in our schools. We pushed for policies from restorative justice to teacher evaluations with high standards. We released our 10th Anniversary Report to the Community that has more data than ever before and that helped to make clear where persistent gaps in achievement still exist and schools that are closing those gaps.

I’m grateful to be working at A+ Schools. The staff, parents, students and volunteers who I get to work with inspire me to work harder every day. In the new year, I’ll be revamping our blog so that it’s more responsive to your needs. Feel free to email me at with topics you would like to know more about, issues that we should be exploring, and your ideas for how to improve Pittsburgh Public Schools. Together, we can help our students, teachers and administrators create a world class urban school system.

Enjoy the “Year-in-Review” slide show. Please  make a donation to continue the successes of 2014 into 2015 of $10, $25, $100 or more before the end of the year.