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Education Committee 10/2/2012

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Sam Franklin, the Executive Director for the Office of Teacher Effectiveness at Pittsburgh Public Schools, presented an update on the Empowering Effective Teachers Initiative to the Board of Directors.  The update started off by reiterating things that are already known: to accelerate student learning we have to improve teaching, and to improve teaching we have to be able to understand it.  These two points are things that the Empowering Effective Teachers Initiative is working to address.  The update focused on three main takeaways and in doing so highlighted some of the progress that has been made through this initiative:

1. We now have ways to understand and respond to differences in teacher effectiveness: RISE (Research-based Inclusive System of Evaluation), VAM (Value-added measures), Tripod Student Survey

2. Teachers are using new information and feedback to improve results for students.

3.  The hardest work is still in front of us in making sure that teachers receive the support that they need to ensure that every student has an effective teacher

Questions from Board Members

  • What kinds of support are teachers going to be receiving in this work, and what is central office specifically going to be doing with respect to supporting teachers?