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Agenda Review 12/12/12

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A. Preliminary Information

  • Agenda Review Materials
  • Board Members Present: Brentley, Fink, Hazuda, Isler, McCrea, Shealey, and Sumpter (Colaizzi was present on speaker phone)
  • Board Members Absent: Holley
  • Meeting Time: 6:30pm-8pm
  • 5 Volunteer Contributors

B.  Summary of Meeting

During the Agenda Review, the following agenda items and/or topics raised the most discussion during the meeting:

 Committee on Education

  • Items #8 and #9 which were placeholders
    • Questions were raised (mainly by Sumpter and Colaizzi) as to what these agenda items would consist of and their purpose on the agenda
  • Item #10 (Education Development Center) and #15 (Prescreening Contractors for Teacher Applications)
    • Colaizzi requested more information on both items. i.e. why do we need them? (Response: the EDC builds capacity and supports K-12 implementation of the Common Core State Standards, specifically in mathematics. As for the prescreening process, it is required for all new teachers)
  • Items #11 (Peterson Event Center) and #12 (Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall and Museum), which addressed the venues for graduation ceremonies.
    • Brentley expressed concern for standardized graduation practices (response: schools had a template to follow last year, this will be enforced this year and the ceremonies will be taped)

 Committee on Business and Committee on Finance

  • Item #44 (B & S Communications) which will do the concealed wiring and mounting of wireless equipment to ceilings and walls in the schools.
    • Brentley and Colaizzi both raised questions about this item (i.e. the necessity for a control room, exterior cameras)
  • General questions on the consultants/contracted services (items #1-44)
    • Colaizzi raised general questions: this is a lot of money, are we using it appropriately? Do we need all these services? What are our people doing? Requested a report on all the money spent on consultants and contracted services in past years to take a closer look at how we are using the money. (Response: attempted to explain as many items as possible, will try to get her a report of the expenditures)

 Agenda Items Board Members Identified to be further Discussed at Legislative Meeting:

  • Brentley: any and all items, if necessary
  • Colaizzi: Consultants and Contracted Services (items #1-44 on the Business/Finance Agenda)
  • Sumpter: Items #8 and #9 (the current placeholders) on the Committee of Education Agenda

C. Reflecting on Meeting

Good Governance Practices:

Focus on Mission- Brentley concerned with security and safety measures in schools, specifically with exterior cameras

Transparency- Sumpter read aloud agenda item #9 (the placeholder), so the “audience” or community watching and listening would better understand why he was concerned with it and the money that would be allocated towards it.

Conduct- Shealey was respectful of everyone’s comments and concerns as the prompter of the meeting.


Role Clarity-

Board’s actions supporting equity and great teaching:

A large portion of this agenda meeting was spent discussing money and whether it is being allocated appropriately. The board members concerned with this want to ensure the money is being distributed equally and to the right contractors, programs, etc. so that the students, teachers, and schools are benefitting as much as possible.

**** A regular public hearing for citizens’ comments on agenda items and other school matters is held each month in Conference Room A of the Administration Building, 341 S. Bellefield Avenue (Oakland).  The public hearing is normally held on the third Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m.

Testify at the next public hearing on Monday, December 17! Call 412-622-3868 by noon on the day of the hearing to request to testify.  Testimonies must be no longer than 3 minutes.  Bring 15 copies of your written statement to the meeting.

(All speakers must be city of Pittsburgh or Mt. Oliver residents, those representing a group in the community or District, firms eligible to bid on materials or services, or PPS students and employees) For more details click here.