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“A+ Schools is both an advocate and a watchdog”

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“Thanks to the independent work and data of A+ Schools, the district is better able to identify its challenges and develop action plans in response.”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, November 22, 2014

This Thanksgiving we’re grateful for the friends and supporters who stand with us as we push to change a status quo that is not working for too many of our students. We’re grateful for students who are pushing for changes that will lead to better character development and safer schools. We’re grateful for parents who are volunteering at high needs schools to support the staff and students to help create better outcomes for children. We’re grateful for teachers who are holding high expectations for students and closing gaps in schools across the District. And we’re grateful to you, our community, who believe that poverty is not destiny and that education is the key to unlocking a better future for all of our students.

In order to make the change we seek, we believe you have to start with knowing what is going on. Our 10th Anniversary Edition of the Report to Community on Public School Progress provides more information than ever before. We hope it sparks conversation, spurs advocacy, and inspires you to ask good questions of your school board member and administration. Below are a variety of additional resources to help you understand what’s in the Report.


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A/V Resources

Video: Overview of the Report to the Community and Key Findings (November 17, 2014 Press Conference)

Audio: Telephone Town Hall with Carey and Dr. Lane

Web: Compare school data online.  NEW!!!!

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