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Research on the Issues

As we work to advance educational equity and excellence, we take strong positions grounded in research on the issues.

Research on the Issues

Take a look at the research and resources gathered on the issues:

Great Teaching

School Budgets

Access to Opportunities and Individual Supports

School Board Governance

Archive (section in progress)

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Advancing Equity and Excellence Through Great Teaching

Our Briefs

Keep Great Teachers: The Case for Using Multiple Measures to Make Staffing Decisions in Pittsburgh Public Schools (PDF)

Making Tough Layoff Decisions in Pittsburgh Public Schools Due to Economic Necessity: Potential Solutions in Addition to Seniority (PDF)

Tools, Rules and Schools – January 2010: Executive Summary and Technical Paper

Other Research

The Irreplaceables

Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) Project

Evaluating Teacher Effectiveness: How Teacher Performance Assessments can Measure and Improve Teaching (PDF)

Research Bibliography on Effective Teaching – Local & National (PDF)

Advancing Equity and Excellence Through School Budgets

Our Briefs

Student-Based Budgeting: Getting to Equitable Funding in Pittsburgh Public Schools (PDF)

A+ Schools Budget Testimony – December 7, 2015 (PDF)

Affirming Commitment to Equity For All Students In A Period of Significant Budgetary Challenges (PDF)

A+ Schools Releases Financial Analysis of Pittsburgh Public Schools (PDF)

A+ Schools Budget Testimony – November 29, 2011 (PDF)

Other Resources

Pittsburgh Public Schools: Building A Sustainable District – February 23, 2012 (PDF)

Pittsburgh Public Schools: Building A Sustainable District: 2011 & 2012 Budget Update (PDF)

Schools & Money: A Community Discussion About School Budgets – June 2008 (PDF)

Advancing Equity and Excellence Through Access to Opportunities and Individual Supports

Our Briefs

School Works Findings and Parent Nation Call of Action (2013) (PDF)

School Works Outcomes (2010) (PDF)

School Works for Teachers Presentation – March 2012 (YouTube videos)

Opening Remarks
Results:  Part 1Part 2Part 3
Teacher Panel:  Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4
Teen Bloc Skit, Discussions & Polling, and Workshops
Call to Action (video)
Call to Action (PDF)

School Works 2010-11 Results and Community Meeting Reports

Preparing Students for College & Career – March/April 2011 (PDF)
Keeping Kids in School – March 2011 (PDF)
Effective Teaching – February 2011 (PDF)

School Works 2009-10 Results and Community Meeting Reports

Supports – April 2010 (PDF)
Courses and Learning Tools – March 2010 (PDF)
Teaching – January 2010 (PDF)

Other Resources

School Works References, 2009-11 (PDF)

School Board Governance

Board Watch Report Form (PDF)

Recent report cards

Governance Info

Big City Mayors’ Control of Schools Yields Mixed Results, Education Week, Sept. 2002

Chartering: A New Approach for Mayors Seeking to Improve Public Schools, Education Commission of the States, May 2003

Governing America’s Schools: Changing the Rules, Education Commission of the States, Nov. 1999

Leadership for Student Learning: Restructuring School District Leadership, IEL, Feb. 2001

Leadership for Student Learning: Urban School Leadership – Different in Kind & Degree, IEL, Sept. 2001

Local School Boards Under Review: Their Role and Effectiveness in Relation to Students’ Academic Achievement, Johns Hopkins University, Jan. 2002

San Diego’s Big Boom: Bureaucracy Supports Culture of Learning, Stanford University, Jan. 2002

Community conversations about Governance

School Board Leadership Forum, February 2007 (PDF)

Choosing our Next Superintendent Meeting Report, November 2010 (PDF)

Voter Education

Interactive Map of School Board Districts

Past Voter Guides

2011 School Board Elections

District 2 Voter Guide (PDF)

District 4 Voter Guide (PDF)

District 6 Voter Guide (PDF)

District 8 Voter Guide (PDF)

2009 School Board Elections

2009 Voter Guide 2009 (PDF)

Confirm Voter Registration

Archive of past reports (section in progress)


School Closings: The Big Picture (PDF)