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Testify at a Public Hearing

Let the Board know you want excellent and equitable schools in Pittsburgh.


Public hearings present an opportunity for members of the public to voice their comments on the School Board’s meeting agenda items or on other school matters. They are generally held on the 4th Monday of each month at 6:00pm in Conference Room A of the Administration Building, 341 S. Bellefield Avenue (Oakland).

However, hearing dates are subject to change, and special public hearings are scheduled as needed. Therefore it would be a good idea to check the board calendar to double check the date of the hearing if you’d like to testify.

Who can testify?

Any resident of the City of Pittsburgh or Mt. Oliver or Pittsburgh based organization who has requested to testify in advance.

What can I say?

You’re free to speak on any topic you’d like as long as your testimony is less than 3 minutes long. If you need some inspiration or feel as strongly as we do about certain topics, below are links to prepared testimonies that support some of the recommendations that A+ Schools has made. You’re welcome to print them and read them directly, add your own words or speak on anything else you feel strongly about.

How do I request to testify? 

Call 412-529-3868 to request to speak at the public hearing. You can call up to 1 week before the meeting and you have up until noon of the hearing date to make your request. Therefore, make your call after the 3rd Monday of the month (the meetings are on the 4th Monday). You will testify at the meeting in the order in which your call was received.

What do I do once I’m on the list to testify?

Attend the public hearing at the scheduled time and bring 15 copies of your written testimony with you.  When it’s your turn, read your testimony.  You may not give up your place in line to someone else and you may not interrupt others that you don’t agree with during the meeting.

You can find updated contact information on the PPS website here.

Sample Testimony (concerning A+ Board Watch recommendations):