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  1. Lessons from High Performing PPS Principals

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        As we get ready for “Our Schools Can Succeed” on October 3 with Karin Chenoweth and Dr. Valerie Kinloch (tickets here), I thought I’d share a few lessons about what high performing schools are doing to ensure all kids are learning well. Most of the observations below come from two principals in Pittsburgh […]

  2. December 2015 Board Watch Report Card

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    For this reporting period and throughout the past six years of the Board Watch program, the School Board has received its lowest grades in Role Clarity. The Board has the extremely important responsibility of governing a district that serves nearly 24,000 K-12 students and whose $567.9 million budget is larger than the City of Pittsburgh’s.

  3. Student-Based Budgeting

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        Download the report. Read Carey’s testimony.   Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) is about to adopt a budget that is larger than the City of Pittsburgh’s at $567.95 million. This budget is a statement of PPS priorities. So what do we know? Our budget brief takes a look at how resources are spent at schools […]

  4. September 2015 Board Watch Report Card

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    The Board received its lowest grade in Role Clarity. This grade reflects volunteer observations that the Board spends relatively little time focused on (1) how the district is making progress toward achieving its goals and (2) using policy to create solutions to Board Member concerns.