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Making Great Teaching Count

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Make Great Teaching Count!

In May 2012, A+ Schools launched a campaign demanding that the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers and Pittsburgh Public Schools consider more than just seniority when making painful layoff decisions.

More than 1,500 parents, students, community members and teachers joined us in urging the PFT and PPS to work together to make quality teaching count in determining which teachers would remain in our schools. Our supporters and partner organizations sent post cards and emails, testified at public hearings, wrote letters to the editor, and talked to teachers and union leaders.

Unfortunately, the PFT and PPS leadership couldn’t agree to put the interests of students first. Our worst fears were realized on July 25, 2012 when the Pittsburgh Public School Board — bound by the union contract — voted to lay off 280 classroom teachers based solely on their lack of seniority with no consideration of their classroom effectiveness.


Goal of A+ Schools: A+ Schools is an independent, non-profit community advocate for equity and excellence in the Pittsburgh Public Schools. Our goal is to be a community force advancing the highest educational achievement and character development of every public school student.

Goal of Great Teaching: Effective teaching is the most important school-based factor for student success. That’s why we want our best teachers teaching our children — and that means considering more than just seniority in making decisions about who teaches and where they teach.


We say never again! We’re going to keep pushing until the PPS and PFT agree to measures that ensure every student benefits from great teaching every year and in every class. We’re going to put everything we’ve got into building and channeling parent, student and community demand for great teaching.




Last Updated on March, 2014