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About School Works

About School Works

Launched in 2009, School Works is a community action research program sponsored by A+ Schools that uses teams of trained volunteers to interview school staff and collect data on staffing, training, coursework, support services, resources and learning opportunities for Pittsburgh students. School Works is modeled after the successful Ready Schools Project conducted by D.C. Voice in Washington, D.C.

How School Works Advances Equity and Excellence

Our Volunteers

Volunteers are independent and neutral citizens who are recruited, trained and sent in teams to conduct private interviews with school staff. A+ Schools invites participation by all citizens who share our commitment to student achievement. Volunteers attend a training session led by A+ Schools that covers their responsibilities, instruction on how to use the survey, and an overview of what the collected data reveals about opportunities and resources for students. Volunteers are then assigned in teams to conduct a very specific one-hour interview with school staff.

Our Successes




Last Updated on March, 2014