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A+ Schools Fact Sheet

Pittsburgh’s Community Advocate for Equity and Excellence in Public Education


A+ Schools is an independent, non-profit community advocate for equity and excellence in the Pittsburgh Public Schools. Our vision is a public education system where overall student achievement continues to rise, 100 percent of students graduate, 80 percent continue on to complete a training program or two- or four-year college/university program, and race is not a factor in determining which students graduate or succeed in post-high school studies.


Our goal is to be a community force advancing the highest educational achievement and character development for every public school student.


We focus on issues of educational equity because significant barriers exist that directly and indirectly deny groups of students from a high quality education. We use research and policy analysis to focus attention on specific issues; engage and elevate community voices from those communities most at risk; create opportunities at multiple levels for community involvement aimed at removing barriers to student success; and build broad community support to advance change in Pittsburgh Public Schools.


We believe that to achieve educational equity in Pittsburgh Public Schools, be in place that specifically increase opportunities and resources for African-American students.


A crisis in the Pittsburgh Public Schools led to the creation of A+ Schools in 2004 to provide the leadership needed for school reform and improved student achievement. In April 2012, A+ Schools adopted a new strategic plan shifting its focus through 2015 to have more impact and accelerate the pace of change in closing the Pittsburgh Public School District’s racial achievement gap.


For more information on A+ Schools, contact James Fogarty at 412-697-1298, ext. 100 or or visit our website at



Revised 11/12