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Archive: 2018

  1. Lessons from High Performing PPS Principals

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        As we get ready for “Our Schools Can Succeed” on October 3 with Karin Chenoweth and Dr. Valerie Kinloch (tickets here), I thought I’d share a few lessons about what high performing schools are doing to ensure all kids are learning well. Most of the observations below come from two principals in Pittsburgh […]

  2. Issue Brief: Expanding Access to the Gifted Program in PPS

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    Recently, A+ Schools released a new issue brief that examined the identification processes used by Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) and nearby school districts that may encourage or hinder greater equity in gifted and talented program selection. The brief, “Keys to Expand Access to the Gifted Program in the Pittsburgh Public School District,” looks at the […]

  3. Supporters of Equity Address Pittsburgh School Board

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    On Monday, May 21, 2018, several staff members and supporters of A+ Schools delivered rousing testimonies to the Pittsburgh Public Schools Board of Directors during its monthly public hearing. Topics addressed included: gun safety, school disciplinary practices, student-based budgeting, principal leadership and culturally responsive education. Read some of the testimonies in full by clicking on […]

  4. Pennsylvania School Safety Task Force Seeking Comment

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    Students feeling safe in their schools is a necessary precondition to learning well. But too often school safety policy mirrors our penal code and is less about building relationships and creating joyous communities than it is about assigning blame and increasing the appearance of security with increased spending on security guards and metal detectors. We […]

  5. Setting a Higher Standard for Conflicts of Interest

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    By James Fogarty I have no doubt that the members of Pittsburgh’s Board of Education care deeply about the students in our schools and the quality of education they receive. They serve on a volunteer basis for one of the most complex and demanding roles in our city, and they deserve our respect. However, I […]