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2018 Report to the Community

Giving Pittsburgh residents an in-depth look at school progress in district and charter schools.

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In Pittsburgh’s public schools, graduation rates continue to improve, but there is still work to be done to achieve better outcomes for all students to reach grade-level math and reading.

PITTSBURGH, PA – Nov. 12, 2018 – Pittsburgh’s public schools continue to improve, but for African-American students, gaps in opportunity and achievement remain. According to A+ Schools, Pittsburgh’s community advocate for equity and excellence in public education, which today released its Annual Report to the Community on Public School Progress in Pittsburgh, the community should look to principals who are getting unexpected results with Black children and children in poverty for a path to improvement.

“No school turnaround effort has been successful without a strong principal leading change,” said James Fogarty, Executive Director at A+ Schools. “The research has shown us that both here in Pittsburgh, and around the country, a principal who can support teachers to be effective, and create caring school cultures of high expectations where teachers can teach and students can learn, will get outstanding results for kids.”

Some positive highlights in the data include:

But challenges remain:

Fogarty thanked Dr. Anthony Hamlet, Superintendent of Pittsburgh Public Schools, for participating in the press conference, and for changes that are leading to some positive results across the district.

“We recognize that our vision of a school system where 100% of students graduate college and career-ready, and at least 80% go on to complete college or trade school, is still not a reality,” said James Fogarty, Executive Director of A+ Schools. “We also know that achieving this vision is not something that we at A+ Schools can do alone.” Fogarty urged community members to act on the information in the Report, to create a greater collective impact for all students.

A+ Schools has mailed the report directly to 15,000 city households with children enrolled in Pittsburgh Public Schools. In addition, the report will be available in local libraries, city schools and at elected officials’ offices. The full report — and information on A+ Schools and its programs for parents, students and community members — can be accessed online at Community members are urged to review the report as a tool to ask questions and seek information about the quality of schools.

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A+ Schools is offering tailored presentations to school and community groups interested in learning more about the report and how to use it.  To arrange a presentation at your school, community organization, place of worship, contact A+ Schools at 412-697-1298, or fill out the form below.

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