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Archive: Jan 2015

  1. PPS Nine Line Now Operational

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    412-529-6463: Put that number in your phone. If you have questions about public schools in Pittsburgh, but English is not your native language, PPS now has translators that will call you back to answer your questions.

  2. Getting to teacher led schools

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    “The biggest obstacles to the spread of teacher-run schools are school districts’ central rules, most of which make it impossible to use unusual personnel configurations, alter budgets and make myriad other changes the teacher-run model demands.”

  3. What school discipline should look like

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      If you haven’t yet emailed Markese Long to join us on Thursday for our Restorative Justice workshop, do it today! We’re looking forward to a great conversation about Pittsburgh Public Schools plans to implement restorative practices (ie. teaching children skills to resolve conflict and hold each other accountable). Over the summer, we were lucky […]

  4. December 2014 Board Watch Report Card

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    As we recommended in the previous Report Card, we ask School Board members to take the time to become informed on topics about which they will make decisions. Doing so will increase Board effectiveness in creating policy solutions and decrease excessive time spent on understanding information in the meetings. The majority of volunteer comments for this reporting period—as well as for the previous Report Card—centered around Board members taking initiative to become more informed on the content of agenda items, including information related to state policies relevant to public education.

  5. Stronger advocacy with you

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    This past Sunday, A+ Schools was featured on the front page of the Post-Gazette. We’re truly grateful for the recognition of our work on an important issue like making sure all students benefit from high quality instruction.